For the past seven years, the NEO Fund has been…

…feeding hungry children every day. 

In Nicaragua we serve more than 5,000 meals a week in 6 locations.  As our board chair in Nicaragua has said,

“We intend to eliminate child malnutrition in Nicaragua in our lifetime!”

We rely on 58 staff and volunteers daily to prepare, serve and clean-up for our feeding program. In addition to local Managua markets, the food comes from a confederation of government and private partner organizations.  Each week we prepare …

  • 125 pounds of chicken
  • 300 pounds of rice
  • 150 pounds of beans
  • 30 pounds of cheese
  • Tomatoes, onions, potatoes, bell peppers, cabbage and fruit

Why is the feeding program an important focus for us?

First, child malnutrition is a devastating problem for the poor. 

Full bellies lead to better health and improved focus in school.  Well-nourished kids have a better chance in life. 

Second, a child feeding program gives us the ability to regularly asses the condition of at-risk children. 

Local personnel can tell if the kids are living with adult supervision; if they are suffering emotional, physical, or sexual abuse; if they’re in school; if they have adequate shelter and clothing; and if they’re struggling with addictions, illness or other high-risk problems. 

Third, when we serve a child it opens doors to the entire family. 

When you feed someone’s child, they learn to trust you.  And they become open to other kinds of services including counseling, home improvement, health & medical assistance, and micro-loans to create and support income-generating home businesses.

How much does this cost? 

Most children are fed five to six times per week, some twice a day within our school breakfast program. With almost 1,000 children in the program, our monthly cost is close to $7,500. With meals averaging about forty cents each, it costs approximately $10 a month to feed just one child! 

And here’s good news. This year an independent report showed that …

… malnutrition is being measurably reduced across our feeding areas.

In one area alone, child malnutrition dropped 25% in an 18-month period.

Filling the belly of a hungry child with nutritious food is one of the most basic compassionate deeds. It stands against the pessimism that says we can’t change the world.  In a small way, one child at a time, we’re relieving suffering, bringing joy to children’s hearts, and making the world a better place.

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