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IndiaThanks to our donors and The Palmer Foundation, The NEO Fund has re-opened a clinic built by our India partner, KISES, for a pilot period. This provides a regional base to launch much needed health care initiatives and a micro-lending program to serve approximately 30,000 poor people (mostly Dalit) in 30 villages. We imagine the clinic as a thriving community center that is deeply integrated into the lives of disadvantaged locals. Loans, extended from the clinic to the poor in relationship, will lift parents and their children from extreme poverty. Here are the goals for the pilot project:

Successfully Operate Health Clinic and Community Center

  • Serve at least 80% (24,000) of the total regional population with education and/or treatment.
  • Treat at least 80% of patients on-site (refer the rest to hospitals).
  • Increase awareness of general health and hygiene among 70% (21,000) of the target group.
  • Provide pre-natal care to at least 900 pregnant women.
  • Provide at least 12 health awareness camps in different villages with average attendance of 100 or more.
  • Provide basic immunizations to at least 1,200 children.
  • This is an amazing opportunity for a U.S.-based practice to adopt a ‘sister’ clinic in India!


Launch a Successful Micro-Lending Program

  • Extend at least 200 loans successfully. 
  • Achieve a payment rate of 95% or better. 
  • Demonstrate positive effects in the lives of borrowers and their children, to include better nutrition, more stable household finances, and increased hope.

Pedapatnam Village Elder, Joji Raju Lella says, “Before the clinic my family had to travel 20-30 km to the hospital. If the clinic reopens it would be very, very, very good for my family and for our village. Please come back to Pedapatnam.” Joji, his parents and grandparents have lived in the village all their lives.

KISES Founder and Executive Director: Mr. Shoury Babu Rebba & Mrs. Rajani Suram

Mr. Shoury Babu Rebba & Mrs. Rajani Suram Mr. Shoury Babu Rebba is from the extremely poor Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India. After completing his education and securing a career in the banking sector, he and his wife Rajani founded KISES in 1999 as a way to alleviate the poverty in the region where he grew up. Rajani, a trained social worker, serves as Executive Director. In partnership with 2 Swiss organizations they built a 1.2 million dollar health clinic to benefit the 30,000 people in 30 surrounding villages. They oversaw services such as Mother/Child Health, WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene), seasonal hostels for migrants’ children, vocational and skill development, aid for the physically challenged and elder population, economic development, child welfare, eye and dental care, and rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS-affected children and youth.

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